Updated September 19, 2020

Happy Fall Everyone!

I am blessed to spend lots of time raising all of my baby doodles with my family. We all invest our time be it cleaning, laundry, playing with and snuggling puppies, or even staying up through the night waiting for mama girl to deliver her puppies or what ever the task may be :) I think that it is evident that a lot of love and time and care has been put into each puppy that comes from our family. And I love raising these sweet puppies knowing that our efforts will bless your family as your puppy joins with you. I look forward to speaking with you all about these wonderful dogs and to share with you about the doodle world and to answer your questions. I love sharing how I raise and care for my dogs and their sweet puppies, about genetic health testing and its importance and how I place the puppies with their forever families. I do everything in my power to provide you with a well-loved, well adjusted, super happy and healthy doodle and I very much care about each of the families that gets a doodle puppy from me. I am taking a little time off until Dec 1st. (If you are already a Michelle's Doodles family member and you need to get in touch please feel free to reach out to me). So, after Dec. 1st, please feel free to email michelle@michellesdoodles.com or give me a call 425-941-2632 to learn more about the litter you are interested in. Sometimes it can take me about a week or so to get back to you but I will do my best to get back in touch with you as soon as I can. I have my 2021 litters with availability listed below. I am taking a break because my puppies are spoken for so far out that I need a little time for the calender to catch up. If I do have puppies that become available sooner (lets say a litter is born with far more puppies than expected)I will post it here. The families that are already on wait lists will be contacted first and if they move up then that opens a spot on another litter which opens up available perhaps sooner.

I am currently accepting emailed applications only until Dec 1st for the following litters at michelle@michellesdoodles.com Please write on the application which litter you are interested in or first available. Once I receive the application I will reach out to you to let you know I have you on my call back list for the first of December and at that time I will call you to answer your questions and share information with you about the litter and at that time the deposit will be required to continue to hold your spot on one of the litters. If a mama dog has a smaller than expected litter on any prior litter to what is listed below then that family on the missed opportunity will bump to the next litter which might make the availability shown below less than what is shown now so it is a small possibility that you could get bumped down to the next available litter. Hopefully that won't happen.

All of my puppies should be non-shedding and very allergy friendly. All of my puppies are $3000.00 plus tax.

My next available litters:

I hope you are happy, healthy and doing well in these crazy times we are in :)

Thank you!